Emmanuelle, an artisan in leather goods and small leather goods, is the creator of the Vavounette&Co brand.

Since her early childhood, Emmanuelle was introduced by her paternal grandmother, Alice, to making handmade works, which she herself had learned from her Italian mother: knitting, sewing, crochet, canvas, embroidery. ..

And when Emmanuelle had finished with her works, she spent her time between the workshop of her grandfather and paternal godfather, Manou, who introduced her to carpentry and painting work, passing through the sharpening using an old stone sharpening wheel.

It was from this great connection with her grandparents that her passion for handmade products was born, and her creativity was largely nourished and stimulated.

That was all it took for the little budding designer to take the next step: learning more advanced techniques in order to obtain a result that is as close as possible to the values ​​conveyed by her family:

Quality, Noble materials, Know-how, Eco-Responsibility.

All the values ​​of the Vavounette&Co brand represent the deep convictions of its creator: her commitment to a more ecological planet by producing and consuming sustainable, noble products, favoring short circuits, with quality raw materials, selected for their sure values and durable.

Emmanuelle grew up in her hometown, Agde, town of Fisherman, Black Pearl founded in the 5th century BC by the Greeks, in basalt, a sober and sublime volcanic rock which adorns the facades and shapes the relief of its coasts.

Then, at the age of 16, Narbonne, a Gallo-Roman pearl, crossed by the Via Domitia, and surrounded by the Coast and the Corbières, became his adopted city, also dear to his heart.

Then, Salles d'Aude, a small village located 15 minutes from Narbonne and birthplace of its Creation Workshop, a small and authentic limestone mazet located on an old family vineyard, hosted the project of a lifetime.

This is where it all started...or rather where everything became clearer.

It is in this Workshop that Emmanuelle shapes her ideas, in calm, plenitude, surrounded by all the materials that she takes the time to select, and which guide her in her creativity.

Raw materials from upcycling, that is to say from dormant stocks of haute couture houses, and therefore relatively rare on the common market.

From committed suppliers like Emmanuelle, for a more sustainable future and with respect for the planet and animal well-being.

The selected high-quality leathers are unique and exclusive, with refined finishes and characterized by their colors, and a creativity not found on the market, which makes each creation made by Vavounette&Co completely unique.

This selection method makes the Vavounette & Co brand an actor in the circular economy, avoiding the waste of materials as exceptional and prestigious in the world as Italian leather.

Creations of unique bags and leather goods and fashion accessories, sometimes in Capsule Collections, and often Custom-made, by contacting the designer by email or telephone.

Je contacte la marque pour une demande spéciale ou une commande sur mesure.